Netting & Decking

Met netting creëren we een beloopbare oppervlakte door het gebruik van strak gespannen netten. Decking houdt in dat er een verdieping op hoogte wordt gemaakt met behulp van stevige stalen kabels en platformen.

Netting systems


The system comprises hand-made wire nets suspended by cables, providing a stable platform from which well-trained professionals can operate. The netting system is a modular platform that can always be adapted to the situation. The lightweight materials and flexibility allow for safe access to hard-to-reach places.


Decking systems


Another way of creating work platforms in inaccessible areas is decking. Using panels and floorboards, a platform is created. Like netting systems, decking systems are tailor-made, taking into account the specific surroundings and structure where the platform will be suspended from.