Health, safety, environment and quality

Working on a sustainable safety culture

For more than 120 years now, the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) operations are the key elements of Hertel’s safety culture.


Some key values of our safety culture:

  • We do it safely or we don’t do it at all
  • We prevent injuries and health risks
  • We respect the environment 
  • We comply with all the applicable laws and regulations


By continuously improving our safety awareness, we create a sustainable HSEQ culture on all levels of our organisation. All our proud professionals, from project managers to operatives, have taken a discipline-oriented safety training and various specific in-company HSEQ training courses.


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Health, safety, environment and quality play an important role in the industries Hertel Industrial Services operates. That is why the professional management of these aspects and their impact is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

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