Altrad Services Benelux: safety is in our DNA

29 April 2019

Monday morning all members of the executive committee and the local management teams made an SHE observation tour of a work location, within the scope of World Safety Day, held last April 28. In doing so, we at Altrad Services Benelux focus even more on the safety and well-being of our 3,500 employees. After all, safety is and remains the responsibility of us all. To us, the exemplary role of all managers and displaying visible leadership are key to achieving the intended SOF!E culture.

100thWorld Safety Day

With this observation tour we focused even more on the current topics of the 100th World Safety Day and their impact on the safety of our employees: Technology, Demographics, Corporate Social Responsibility and the continuously changing work environment.

Safety is not just an absolute priority for Altrad Services Benelux – it’s in our DNA. Day after day it determines who we are and what we do, in accordance with our SOF!E strategy: Skilfully Optimise Focus to Improve and Excel. It is our path to a comprehensive safety culture, supported by everyone who works for and with Altrad Services Benelux.