Start of construction for new Altrad Hertel Netherlands building at Waalhaven Pier 4

25 April 2019

The first pile for the new building of industrial service provider Altrad Hertel Netherlands, part of Altrad Services Benelux, has just been driven. At the end of this year, the company will be move into its new location at Rotterdam Waalhaven Pier 4.

Fred Schuijt, Industrial Manager of Altrad Hertel Netherlands: “We are proud to announce that we have started building our new office in this great location. Thanks to its central location in the Rotterdam port area, we expect to achieve sustainable synergies in collaborating with our clients.”

Collaboration with the Rotterdam Port Authority
The Rotterdam Port Authority and Altrad Hertel Netherlands have been collaborating for quite some time now, to make this relocation possible. “We are very happy with Altrad Hertel Netherlands’ choice for Waalhaven,” says Ronald Paul, Chief Operating Officer of the Rotterdam Port Authority. “This is where we are developing the leading maritime, industrial and logistical service cluster of Rotterdam. The arrival of a key player such as Altrad Hertel Netherlands is truly an asset.”

Smart construction
The site at Opijnenstraat in Waalhaven will become the Dutch head office. It will have a transparent and industrial look. Together with Jos Lichtenberg, emeritus professor of Construction Product Development (TU Eindhoven) and founder of the ‘smart construction principle’, a concept has been developed that focuses on pleasant working environments, including meeting rooms, quiet rooms and informal meeting places.

The project involves a collaboration of, among others, RoosRos Architects and contractor IMd. The concrete work (foundations and poured workplace and office floors) was done by Van Berlo, while Dijkstaal is responsible for the main steel structures, workplace staircase, hollow core slabs, steel roof panels, sidings and awnings. Alkondor makes the transparent facades. Kuijpers supplies the installations and Oranjedak the roofing. The interior work is Kwakman’s job, while Kruiswijk does the groundwork and layout of the site.

Transformation of Waalhaven
In recent years, Waalhaven has undergone an impressive transformation. Together with the municipality and the corporate sector, the Rotterdam Port Authority has transformed this area into the leading maritime, industrial and logistical service cluster of Rotterdam. The public space has been revamped, the accessibility (by public transport) has been increased and the traffic flow has been improved.

Waalhaven is located in the centre of the maritime and offshore cluster of the Rotterdam port and within a stone’s throw from two strong industrial clusters: Botlek and Europoort. The companies in Waalhaven complement and reinforce each other. Their mutual cooperation is a solid basis for economic competitiveness. They piggyback on the expected growth in the offshore cluster and the ever-growing flows of cargo from and to the Rotterdam port.

From insulation to painting
As part of Altrad Services Benelux, Altrad Hertel Netherlands is a full-service maintenance partner for industrial clients. They provide services in the field of insulation, working at height, thermography, painting and asbestos removal; they have a strong position in the Rotterdam oil and (petro)chemical industry. Since 2015 the originally Dutch company is part of the French Altrad Group, an organisation with more than 40,000 employees in over 100 countries.