Specialist in the spotlight: PATRICK STOCK

23 May 2017

May 23, 2017

With his eleven years’ experience as a technical advisor, Patrick Stock is our Hertel Specialist in the Spotlight. In spite of his many years at the technical office, construction sites were Patrick’s first workplace. “I have worked at a competitor for 17 years. I stopped working there as a construction site manager, after which I joined Hertel.”

“At Hertel I moved up to where I am now. The company gave me an opportunity and I seized it with both hands. Of course, it is a great feeling to be appreciated in this manner, but it is primarily a strong signal towards other scaffold builders who did not enjoy higher education. Do your best and Hertel will provide opportunities.”

Although he mostly works behind a desk nowadays, construction sites are still important to Patrick. “I make technical drawings of scaffolds, but I still make regular visits to construction sites. There’s no shame in a construction site manager asking me for advice. Sometimes it’s necessary to look at a problem with two people. I always ask their opinion and check whether it’s technically doable. Naturally, it has to be the most efficient solution. If there’s a better way, I never criticise them. I just say: “look, it’s a good idea, but if you do it this way and that way…”. Positive relations are also a must at construction sites.”

“Apart from work, I like driving my Lotus. I’m a petrolhead, so when I’m driving I can clear my mind.”

Will Patrick continue working at Hertel? “I plan to stay here until I retire! It’s simply a cool job. There have already been many great projects, such as the Evonik towers. Or Arcelor Mittal’s conveyor belt, which sloped downward from a high tower. We had to build a scaffold below it, which was not easy because of the constant height difference. But challenges are what make this job interesting.”

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