23 May 2017

Any job for VDL-KTI is a big job. This time also, because Hertel Industrial Services was asked to install tracing and insulation on two big drums. Quite a lot of work, but a very pleasant job according to foreman Johannes Mulder.

What did the work involve?

Mulder: “VDL-KTI had two big drums that needed tracing, as well as insulation. The two drums each consisted of three different components and each was about 70 metres long.”

How did you go about this job?

Mulder: “First, we installed the tracing cables, which you need to do on the “bare” drums. This took thousands of metres of cables. Once the tracing work had been completed, we installed the insulation. We then fitted aluminium sheets around it, tailor made by Hertel’s Prefab Shop.”

Was it a difficult job?

Mulder: “Everything went very smoothly. Because the drums had been placed on rollers, we could spin these quite heavy monsters during our work. And because we did not have to install any scaffolding, we were able to save time and money. However, we did use a small scaffold, so that someone could work on the top while someone was simultaneously working on the bottom.”

How long did it take?

Mulder: “Two months, but they went by very quickly. It was a great place to work in. VDL-KTI has huge hangars that we could use. Instead of having to work in the cold and bleak wind, our lads could enjoy warm surroundings.”

What will you remember most about this project?

Mulder: “The collaboration with VDL-KTI’s employees. It was a pleasure working with them and everything went smoothly. We were on schedule all the time and met our deadline. Which the customer appreciated, of course.”

Positive collaboration with Bartec for tracing and E&I work

The tracing and E&I work for VDL-KTI had been commissioned by Bartec. They took care of the engineering and delivery of the tracing and E&I, and we implemented it. Thanks to our longstanding collaboration with Bartec, we were able to successfully complete this project as well. The tracing – more than 10km! – was installed in Mol. After insulation and transport to Manchester, Hertel was present on site for 1 month to install, connect and test the cable trays, cables, power supply and control cabinets.

Here you can find more information on tracing!