Small but strong

8 May 2017

May 8, 2017

Scaffolding, insulation and tracing. Hertel pulled out all the stops for INOVYN’s BIGAN 3. We took care of the installation as well as the entire project. Koen Geraedts, Project Manager at Hertel, supervised the tracing and insulation.

“BIGAN 3 is certainly not our first project for INOVYN. In fact, it is an expansion of BIGAN 2, the installation we worked on in the past,” says Koen. BIGAN 3 concerns a capacity increase of the membrane electrolysis for the production of chlorine, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen. “We had to change the documents of BIGAN 2 with the tracing installation, to ensure that it forms a single whole with the new installation.”

“To install BIGAN 3, we conducted a study together with KH Engineering. Among other things, they took care of the electrical study. We developed a ‘for construction’ file, fully dimensioning and digitally drawing the tracing. We also made electrical diagrams, showing the power distribution over the various power cabinets. Finally, lay-out drawings with the physical locations of all power sources were made. This told the electrical contractors where to lay the power supply cables."

“Tracing had to be installed on pipes and tanks. In total, we used about 3.5 kilometres of cable. This is not an excessive amount, but the space was quite compact. This is what made the project so difficult. The installation required a lot of work, which involved a lot of people.”

In addition to tracing, Hertel also took care of the insulation and scaffolding. “The insulation comprised both hot and cold insulation. We installed stainless steel sheets around the insulation pieces. We used mineral wool and Armaflex. And Foamglass was used for a large part. This is a type of cold insulation. Basically, it is a block consisting of glass crystals. The air, trapped between the crystals, insulates the pipes. The difficulty in using Foamglass is its installation. It immediately breaks if you put too much stress on it. Installing it requires the necessary experience. Fortunately, Hertel has the right persons to successfully install it.”

“Our scaffolding department also deserves praise. They succeeded in supervising and completing this complex project. In spite of the limited surface area, a huge amount of scaffolding was needed. Moreover, Hertel was not the only party to impose scaffolding requirements. The general co-ordination was quite a feat.”

Further questions about tracing? Contact our project manager Koen Geraedts.

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