GPA awards maintenance contract to Altrad Services Benelux

27 March 2019

Thanks to an effective tender, we have landed our first new maintenance contract under Altrad Services Benelux’ flag. Gunvor Petroleum Antwerpen (GPA) had a good reason to choose us.

GPA was looking for a partner who can handle a turnaround. This is not every party’s strong suit. Our integration into Altrad Services Benelux has already provided us with the in-company resources – both people and scaffolding equipment – to bring this shutdown to a successful conclusion, in a professional manner. And thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge, the customer can also trust that the contract will be carried out effectively.

Concretely, the contract is twofold. It comprises both the STIP work for the Maintenance Contract and the turnaround.

STIP stands for Scaffolding, Tracing, Insulation and Painting. Our team of professionals carries out this maintenance work on site. On average, our team will consist of about 20 professionals, with supervisors from Altrad Hertel and a foreman from Altrad Balliauw: One Team One Goal!

Everything is shut down and serviced during the turnaround. This is a huge responsibility, but Altrad Services Benelux has already proven in the past that it is a reliable partner. During the turnaround all components are replaced that are in need of replacement: from scaffolding and insulation to tracing.

Altrad Services Benelux likes to think along with the customer. For example, GPA wanted to switch to a paperless solution. We helped them do so. With our internally developed online customer portal, we offer a 100% online platform, ensuring that all stakeholders can consult and share the necessary information in real time. Without any unnecessary paperwork.

Thanks to our tender, Altrad Services Benelux was able to land this contract. The effective teamwork between Tom Rooman, Senne Wijns, Dennis Kemland and Wannes Raats proves that a good in-company collaboration pays off. And that’s always to the customer’s advantage.