Altrad Services Benelux goes GREEN

18 March 2019

Altrad Services Benelux is actively working on making its fleet greener. After a positive test case in which a CNG-powered passenger car was put into service, we have recently taken delivery of the first 3 CNG-powered delivery vans. Altrad Services Benelux uses these vehicles to transport our professionals to the construction sites.

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is an environment-friendly alternative to diesel and petrol and generates 77% less particulate matter and CO2than comparable engines running on traditional fuels. Natural gas also helps to avoid the current limitations of electric vehicles, i.e. long charging times and a limited range.

The introduction of CNG-powered company cars fits into Altrad Services Benelux’ policy. Within the scope of our ISO 14001 standard, we continuously pursue environment-friendly solutions. Sustainability is very important to us; with the purchase of these delivery vans, we want to contribute to environment-friendly driving. Unfortunately, we cannot reduce the number of kilometres driven, but we can make them a lot greener and more environment-friendly.