Altrad Services Benelux

28 June 2018

Altrad Balliauw Group, Altrad Hertel Belgium and Altrad Hertel Netherlands, three (groups of) companies belonging to the International Altrad Group, have decided to join forces. The integration of these three companies will be rolled out in the next two years. Throughout this journey, the various operating companies will gradually evolve into and act as a single organisation with 1 brand, 1 vision and 1 common goal:



What will change on September 1, 2018?

1. Management:

In the Benelux, the organisation will be managed by a single executive committee, led by Jan De Swert – current General Managing of Altrad Balliauw Group.
All supporting functions will be combined into a Shared Service Centre that will also operate as an umbrella organisation in the Benelux.
Jan Vanderstraeten – current CEO of Hertel Belgium – will join Altrad’s management at the Montpellier-based head office.

2. Integration of Altrad Balliauw – Altrad Profix:

The integration of Altrad Balliauw and Altrad Profix will be finalised in accordance with the multi-service strategy of Altrad Balliauw Group. The ProFix name will disappear, but all your day-to-day contacts in the field will remain the same.

3. Wallonia:

Altrad Hertel Belgium and Altrad Balliauw will be housed in the same building in Manage, resulting in a new postal address for Altrad Hertel in Wallonia.
For the time being, both organisations will continue to exist independently, but will both come under the ultimate responsibility of Carl Renard, current Business Unit Manager of Altrad Balliauw Wallonia.

4. Prefab & Scaffolding Equipment:

The workshops of Altrad Profix and Altrad Hertel Belgium will be combined in Wijnegem. Verrebroek will become a logistical hub for the management of scaffolding equipment in the Benelux.


Why will this make a difference for you?

By combining the various Benelux companies, we can join the forces of more than 3,500 employees in this area, bringing in a vast experience and knowledge.
Our human capital guarantees safe and competent services.

The integration will also allow us to use our assets much more efficiently and to optimise our production capabilities. This guarantees our capabilities and competitive commercial conditions.

Our integrated organisation is also intended to combine the (financial) strength of a multinational with the flexibility and accessibility of a small or medium-sized company and local anchoring. This will allow us to meet your expectations of us as a state-of-the-art industrial service provider even more efficiently.

We are convinced that this evolution will help us serve you even better, now and in the future. After all, we continue to strive for a truly integrated partnership for working at heights, industrial insulation, painting, tracing and asbestos removal.

Naturally, your current contacts can help you with any questions and/or remarks regarding this merger. We will keep you up to date on the further developments of our integration journey.

Kind regards,

Jan De Swert
Altrad Services Benelux