Electrical Tracing

Industrial production processes are often temperature dependent. By means of tracing, we ensure that your product maintains the proper temperature. One of the possibilities is to use electrical tracing.

Heat tracing

Hertel Industrial Services has an extensive experience in the design of electrical tracing installations. In consultation with the customer, we review the tracing specifications and adapt these, where necessary. Thanks to our close collaboration with the major tracing suppliers, we can use the most innovative materials and provide the best solution, both from a technical and a price viewpoint.


Installation of electrical tracing


With our seven-man team, we can co-ordinate both small-scale urgent work and large-scale projects. Our expertise allows us to install electrical tracing systems on pipes, equipment, pumps and reservoirs.


Types of electrical tracing


With electrical tracing, the temperature is maintained by means of a heating wire network. Depending on the temperature, ambient factors and customer’s wishes, various materials are possible:


  • Self-limiting heating wires
  • Constant power wires
  • Serial tracing wires
  • Mineral-insulated heat tracing


Brands and suppliers of electrical tracing


Hertel Industrial Services collaborates with the major tracing suppliers:


  • Bartec
  • Pentair thermal management – Raychem
  • Thermon – The heat tracing specialists
  • PGR – Klopper Therm
  • Eltherm – Innovations in heat tracing
  • Dirac – Industrial heat tracing

Other brands and suppliers of heating wires are possible on request.


Additional services for electrical tracing


If desired, we can also install cable trays, control and supply cables, jump-over boxes, ammeters, end lamps, (ambient) thermostats, control panels, … In addition to our tracing projects, we also do electrotechnical and automation work. This may involve the study, delivery and installation of:


  • Control boards and power supply boards (or panels)
  • Power supply, control or bus cables
  • Compressed air systems and analytical pipes
  • PLC/SCADA automation and visualisation
  • Control panels – touchscreen