The Hertel Plant Integrity Competence Centre assists companies all over the world to optimise their energy management and make their business processes more sustainable. We not only map your CO2 emissions, but also calculate the costs and corresponding payback period related to energy improvements.

Safe inspections without unscheduled stops

The main advantage of thermography is that it allows us to detect faults in a system in an early stage, so that units do not have to be taken out of operation in order to solve an issue. In addition, thermography prevents unscheduled stops and unnecessary maintenance investments.   


Thanks to thermography, safety and environmental standards are better complied with.


Thermographic inspections can be carried out within the scope of maintenance management, the determination of heat losses, the localisation of defects or the detection of gas leaks. The eventual goal is to lower the maintenance costs.

Plant integrity

Hertel Industrial Services gives companies an insight into the options regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption. We help customers visualise the costs and payback period of improvement works. With our advice, our customers are not only able to reduce but also calculate their energy consumption and loss.


Application areas

Some examples of the investigations are:


  • Locating corrosion under insulation
  • Determining the technical condition of heat and cold insulation systems
  • Investigating the structural integrity of a concrete chimney
  • Detecting a burner misalignment in furnaces
  • Detecting possibly asbestos-containing insulation
  • Investigating internal leaks in high-pressure gas valves caused by condensation in gas
  • Investigating stress in pipe bends resulting from temperature variations
  • Checking the condition of refractory materials in high-temperature furnaces
  • Detecting flue gas leaks in steam boilers in power plants