Thermische Isolatie

Energy efficiency and the reduction of energy consumption are important measures to lower the energy costs and emissions. Insulation is a key component.

Energy-saving potential of thermal insulation

Next to raw materials, energy is the biggest cost element of most manufacturing processes. We consider thermal insulation to be a wise investment and a tremendous contribution to energy conservation and process efficiency. Properly maintained insulation contributes to the lowest possible CO2 emissions and operating costs.

An average plant has around:


  • 90 kilometres of insulated pipe work
  • The equivalent of seven football fields of insulated equipment

But the same average plant also has:


  • 10-19% of damaged or missing insulation
  • Many (historically non-insulated) hot processes, without re-use of heat energy.

As a result, a significant energy-saving potential is left untapped. Hertel Industrial Services can help you quantify this damaged or missing insulation and calculate the associated energy loss, thus giving you a complete picture of the insulation in your plant.

Multidisciplinary approach

Hertel Industrial Services is known for its multidisciplinary approach. We offer insulation work in a complete package, for instance in combination with scaffolding or tracing. This allows us to provide a comprehensive solution for heat preservation and energy efficiency.

We can deliver the complete management of a turnaround or shutdown of a plant, including insulation work. If desired, we will also take care of work preparation.

European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EIIF)

Hertel places great importance on sustainable business. That is why we are closely involved as board members of the European Industrial Insulation Foundation. The EIIF is a foundation set up to highlight the importance of sustainable insulation in the European industry. For more information, see the EIIF web site.