Insulation matresses

Hertel Industrial Services delivers custom-made high-quality insulation mattresses for a variety of instruments and installations of any shape or size.

Easy access thanks to removable insulation mattresses

Sealings, gaskets, non-return valves, heat exchanges, pumps, … all require regular quality and maintenance checks. Our removable insulation mattresses enable equipment to be well insulated, in addition to providing easy access to your equipment.

The insulation mattresses also lower the cost price, because they eliminate the need to remove complicated sheet-metal insulation cabinets, thus allowing quicker and less expensive inspections.

The insulation mattresses are always given unique codes. After shutdowns the mattresses can be easily reinstalled on the equipment they were designed for.

Easy to use and durable

  • Insulation mattresses can be easily installed and removed without harming the insulation quality
  • Our insulation mattresses close with Velcro and stainless hooks and straps
  • The mattresses are designed and fabricated to the exact shape of the equipment to be insulated
  • The insulation mattresses are manufactured from fire-resistant materials, specifically designed to be used in harsh environments.

Service from A to Z

Hertel Industrial Services takes care of the entire process of designing, manufacturing and installing the insulation mattresses, allowing us to guarantee the highest quality. Our technical team visits the site and carries out detailed measurements of the equipment.

The technical office calculates the technical requirements and then designs the mattresses in our workshop, where they are manually stitched. Subsequently, we install the mattresses at the customer’s site, where a final quality check is performed. The customer can always install or remove the mattresses himself.



  • Gaskets
  • Heat exchangers
  • Turbines
  • Pumps
  • Seals
  • Pipe work
  • Storage tanks
  • Valves