Engineering Stoomtracing

Tracing engineering reduces the necessary materials, construction time and the maintenance and energy costs. Thanks to the extensive experience of both the engineering team and the implementation team, customer-oriented advice can always be given.

Basic design


In the starting phase we make process-based designs, tailored to the customer. We thoroughly analyse the applied materials, installation techniques and engineering elements with a view to an optimally functioning steam tracing network. This includes:


  • Product-technical and process-based design of heat circuits on PID
  • Heat calculations for pipes and equipment
  • Maintaining the right holding temperature
  •  Heating-up calculations and heat simulations
  • Drafting, checking or possibly adding to tracing specifications
  • Determining the location of manifolds
  • Positioning plan (2D layout)
  • Model (3D)
  • Transfer of BOM concept
  • Ordering of materials with long delivery periods
  • Quick and accurate cost overview
  • Good basis to draw up the implementation planning
  • Estimate of energy and steam consumption


Detailed design


We also provide detailed engineering based on the 3D model. This minimises the amount of materials needed per heat circuit and, consequently, the installation costs and energy consumption. This includes:


  • Designing the routing of heat circuits on an isometric level
  • 3D design of supply and drain pipes from manifold to circuit (lead & tail lines)
  • Pre-insulated cables
  • Fixed pipes
  • Complete package of practical implementation drawings
  • Manifold: components and fastening materials
  •  Leads & Tails: overview drawings and comprehensive detailed drawings
  • Recorded circuits
  • Creation of a tracing database with manifold sheets
  • Definitive BOM


Added value


In an early project phase, there is already an overview of the necessary materials and other costs, thus benefiting an accurate presentation of the complete budget.

Some advantages of our engineering department:

  • Possibility of ordering the corresponding materials via Hertel Industrial Services. After all, on the tracing market it is not easy to mobilise large quantities of materials in the short term.
  • Team of designers with experience in all tracing types (Cu, SS, tube, steel pipe, flextherm, …)
  • International experienced people on site who give constant feedback on tracing implementation work (both projects and maintenance).
  • Greater efficiency by using a high-quality database
  • Cost- and time-savings when putting installations into service and maintaining them
  • Increased safety: accurately switching heat circuits on and off
  • Complete package of practical implementation plans. This is how we guarantee a clearly delineated project with a high efficiency of materials and people.