Engineering Scaffolding

When designing and calculating scaffolds, Hertel Industrial Services relies on an engineering team that also provides the necessary support to the customer for the entire duration of a project. This increases work safety and gives the customer a clear insight into the construction and progress of the project.

Support during the entire project


The scaffold engineering team has an extensive experience in developing plans for standard projects, complex constructions and suspended scaffolds.

When starting up a project, 2D and 3D drawings are made which already give an idea of the planned work. All the necessary calculations are then made, on which the on-site scaffold construction will be based.

While carrying out the work, the necessary changes are made and, if necessary, our engineers will visit the construction site to closely monitor everything. Afterwards, customers can always rely on the as-built plans, to avoid any surprises.


Added value for scaffolding


An in-house engineering team offers many advantages. For instance, we guarantee a safe work environment, thanks to well-considered and properly constructed scaffolds.

It also ensures a smooth and quick communication between the construction site manager and engineers. In other words, the engineering team guarantees a high-quality implementation.