At Hertel Industrial Services, ‘safety first’ is not an empty slogan. As a scaffolding specialist, we always develop the safest and most efficient methods to gain access to hard-to-reach places in the most challenging industrial environments.

Scaffolding safety


We install scaffolding safely or not at all. Scaffolding always involves risks, but we have been providing safe scaffolding in Belgium for more than 40 years now. Hertel Industrial Services always relies on comprehensive calculations and always meets the highest quality standards.




Calculation and design


Challenging industrial environments often require complex solutions to work safely at heights. That is why our scaffold engineering department provides a well-considered and efficient design, which allows us to always meet the strict Eurocode for scaffolding. As a result, every scaffold is put up in accordance with a well-considered plan.


In addition, our engineering department provides the necessary documentation:


  • Calculation notes
  • Stability studies
  • 3D design
  • As-built drawings



Assembly and disassembly


Safety is a top priority when assembling and disassembling scaffolds. Our VCA-certified staff always follows a plan-based approach and is always secured with two lines to the scaffold. The construction site manager is in constant consultation with the customer or other contractors at the site, so that the scaffold meets the expectations of all the parties involved. The experience and know-how of our teams ensure innovative solutions where necessary. During (dis)assembly, we take care of:


  • Continuous safety tours
  • Limited logistical strain on the site
  • Flexible and quick modifications


Shrink film/sheeting


When carrying out work, we can increase the comfort on the scaffolds by applying shrink film or sheeting. This protects the workers against external factors, such as weather conditions. However, shrink film also works the other way around: it protects the outside world against the effects of work carried out within the sheeting. For more information, click here.


Rope access


Sometimes it is simply impossible to put up scaffolding. That is why we also offer alternative solutions, such as rope access. This allows working at heights even when the circumstances make the job difficult. Hertel Industrial Services has a specialised team and its own training centre. Our people are trained in a wide variety of work at heights. For more information, click here.