Shrink film is a synthetic material that is heat-sealed and, once cooled, fits like a “second skin” around the construction. Sheeting around scaffolding ensures that responsible work in all circumstances. For instance, shrink film can be used to make a dust screen, but also a temporary warehouse.

Shrink film in all circumstances and industries

Hertel Industrial Services’ sheeting is resistant to virtually all weather conditions (up to wind force 5), allowing work in all circumstances. Sheeting not only creates a wind-proof working environment, but also protects the surrounding area against harmful substances, for instance.

Because shrink film reduces project delays, it is a cost-saving solution. And our sheeting is also widely applicable. For instance, shrink film is used in the industry, transport, shipping and aviation.

Scaffolding and shrink film as a total package

We at Hertel Industrial Services are convinced that the more disciplines we take care of ourselves, the better we can control the quality of our work and the quicker and more efficiently we can work. Thus, after sheeting is applied, recalculation is required to check whether the scaffolding still meets the safety standards.

Hertel Industrial Services considers the application of shrink film as a separate discipline with well-trained professionals. To master all the ins and outs of the sheeting profession, all our sheeters have taken a special 3-week training.

Advantage of our shrink film:


  • Very sturdy material
  • Can be quickly applied and removed 
  • Can be used for longer periods
  • Shrink film is recyclable
  • Available in a flame-retardant quality
  • Cost-saving

Shrink film brands

Hertel Industrial Services collaborates with the following shrink film suppliers:

  • Verisafe
  • Argos