Rope Access

Using rope techniques or rope access, we can reach locations that would not be accessible with standard equipment.

Cost-effective and safe alternative in complex situations


We at Hertel are committed to increasing safety and quality by using innovative and alternative access methods whenever possible. Rope access is not intended as a replacement for traditional methods such as scaffolding. However, rope access can often provide a more cost-effective, safer alternative in complex situations.




IRATA-qualified specialists


The use of rope access reduces project time, lowers downtime and minimises the impact on ongoing operations, thus reducing the costs compared to traditional methods. Rope access has brought tremendous benefits to many customers. All of our experienced workers are IRATA qualified, ensuring that work is carried out in a safe and reliable manner.


The flexibility of rope access lends itself to any of the industries in which Hertel operate. We have extensive experience in carrying out work in power plants (including wind turbines), petrochemical & chemical companies and the maritime and offshore industries.


Our technicians are not only trained in using rope access techniques, but are also multidisciplinary operatives. The services we provide may range from maintenance services such as coatings and insulation, to specialist services such as Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), inspections and plant integrity.